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Capital.Finance is a leading DeFi protocol which brings the powers of DeFi at the tip of your fingers. Capital.Finance is one of the few DeFi protocols that are capable of accomodating all of your financial needs with the utmost security and transparency.

Backed by the powers of Ethereum Blockchain, Capital DeFi’s native token CAP is listed on all major exchanges. Therefore, bringing you a comprehensive service in the world of DeFi, Capital DeFi protocol is the best solution for all your use-cases.

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About Us

Capital.Finance is a DeFi protocol that consists of audited and secured smart contracts to provide various financial services. Whether it is staking, yield farming, swapping, or simply transactions, Capital DeFi protocol is the answer to all your needs. With a robust architecture and the guidance of industry experts, Capital.Finance is enroute to becoming the best DeFi service in the new financial ecosystem.

The inclusion of Blockchain allows us to ensure a financial ecosystem for our users where trust, transparency, and security are always the top priority. Our smart contracts have been developed with the best industry practices and audited regularly. With a limited supply and a unique token distribution model, we offer one of the highest returns to our users. The tokens are time-locked in the smart contracts and released when certain conditions are met, regulating the price and circulation. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for the newbies in the DeFi world to safely build their wealth with our token.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance to be a part of one of the fastest growing DeFi protocol. Head out to our Decentralised Application, link your cryptocurrency wallet, and reap the benefits of DeFi in the best possible way. (Link to staking or token on an exchange)

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Flash Loans
Lending & Borrowing

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Staking & Farming


Dream Ticket

Dream ticket is a truly decentralised lottery offering a fair chance to everyone. This is the first of its kind lottery which is built solely on smart contracts powered by Ethereum Blockchain.

Try your luck and win milllions.


Play a decentralized Ludo on Capital Finance. Buy tickets from your wallet and get a chance to win prizes in the form of CAP tokens.

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