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Capital.Finance is a leading DeFi protocol which brings the powers of DeFi at the tip of your fingers. Capital.Finance is one of the few DeFi protocols that are capable of accomodating all of your financial needs with the utmost security and transparency.

Backed by the powers of Ethereum Blockchain, Capital DeFi’s native token CAP is listed on all major exchanges. Therefore, bringing you a comprehensive service in the world of DeFi, Capital DeFi protocol is the best solution for all your use-cases.

As Decentralised Finance or DeFi moves towards mainstream adoption, it is recalibrating the world of finance. The financial revolution that started with bitcoin has now evolved into the adoption of DeFi as the new financial structure. Characteristics like unmatched liquidity, a fair economy, higher returns, and utmost transparency are driving the DeFi adoption to new heights. At its core, DeFi refers to financial services which are governed through the predefined conditions written in a code rather than by a financial institution. This code is commonly called a smart contract which runs on top of Blockchain technology. By leveraging the powers of Blockchain, the smart contracts in the DeFi ecosystem are used to automate and enforce financial agreements between two parties without the involvement of a third party.

Capital.Finance is a DeFi protocol that consists of audited and secured smart contracts to provide various financial services. Whether it is staking, yield farming, swapping, or simply transactions, Capital DeFi protocol is the answer to all your needs. With a robust architecture and the guidance of industry experts, Capital.Finance is enroute to becoming the best DeFi service in the new financial ecosystem.

The inclusion of Blockchain allows us to ensure a financial ecosystem for our users where trust, transparency, and security are always the top priority. Our smart contracts have been developed with the best industry practices and audited regularly. With a limited supply and a unique token distribution model, we offer one of the highest returns to our users. The tokens are time-locked in the smart contracts and released when certain conditions are met, regulating the price and circulation. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for the newbies in the DeFi world to safely build their wealth with our token.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance to be a part of one of the fastest growing DeFi protocol. Head out to our Decentralised Application, link your cryptocurrency wallet, and reap the benefits of DeFi in the best possible way. (Link to staking or token on an exchange)

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How it works

capital.finance (CAP), ERC20 Token is audited by

Our Features


With the possibility of Staking the CAP token, better returns are not a dream anymore. Capital.Finance can give tremendous returns that range from 0.27% for a single day, 8.3% for a month, and 100% for a year with a fixed return running for 3 years.


You do not have to be a financial institution to get profits for providing liquidity. With the possibility of Farming on Capital.finance, you can get interest on your assets for providing liquidity to the network and our smart contracts will make the whole process effortless.


CAP swap is a network that fills up the gap of scalability, speed, and lower costs in the DeFi world. It creates a decentralised ecosystem where you can leverage various financial services without the trade-off of security, and experience what DeFi can truly provide.


Creating wealth is a never ending process which leads to the feeling of insecurity in most people. With Capital.Finance’ Insurance service, your journey of wealth creation will be accompanied by peace of mind. Our decentralised ecosystem is built specifically to serve this purpose.


Innovation is always on the brink and we at Capital.Finance always have an eye for innovative ideas. To promote the development of your unique token-based ideas into a successful product, CAP Launchpad is available. We will be there with you from the first day.


Trading platforms can never stop evolving as they change rapidly to accommodate the needs of the users. We at Capital.Finance aspire to develop the most appropriate trading platform for our users that will serve the modern requirements. Stay tuned for more updates.

Token Distribution

CAP token will be released on UNISWAP platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration

49,999 50%
Current Distribution
79,999.00 CAP
UniSwap Pool

Circulating Supply

Staking & DAO
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Our Road Map

Our current success marks just the beginning of our journey. With our vision and your support, we aspire to become the best DeFi protocol in the world. Here is the road map of our future plans towards greater success.

Meet Our Team

A company is only as strong as its leaders. With decades of experience spread across various domains, our leaders are the primary reason why our hopes have never dwindled.


Kiran Dommeti





CFO / Financial Advisor



Marketing Head



Full Stake Developer

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